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Matt Finkel

I am a Staff Software Engineer, currently using Modern Perl to make servers speak REST at ShoreTel (formerly Corvisa ). I have the privilege of working remote, which means I can travel to all kinds of neat places. You are welcome to check out my code, view my resumé or go to my LinkedIn profile. If you’d like to contact me, the above QR code contains my contact information.

links to stuff I like

Scott's Cheap Flights
Girl Develop It
BBC News
Hacker News
Magic the Gathering
Haiti Home of Hope
Matenwa Community Learning Center
Golden Retriever Rescue Of Wisconsin
Secondhand Hounds
VPS Hosting By DigitalOcean

links to previous work

Haiti Outreach
Project HEART
A.B. Data, Class Action Administration Division
"NOvA for Non-Scientitsts"
NOvA Tracker

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